PU=Public; CO=Confidential (only for members of the Consortium)



D1.1 Project Management Plan (CO)


D1.2 First Periodic Report (CO)


D1.3 Second Periodic Report (CO)


D1.4 Third Periodic Report (CO)


D1.5 Final Report (CO)


D2.1 Stakeholder Consultation Report (PU) - Download


D2.2 Integrated Approach to Urban Planning and Governance (PU) - Download


D2.3 Review of Urban Models and their Use in Urban Policy (PU) - Download


D2.4 Models and Tools Evaluation Framework (PU) - Download


D3.1 INSIGHT Integrated Database (CO)


D3.2 Analysis of Urban Location Patterns (PU) - Download


D4.1 Housing-Retail-Public Services Interaction Models (PU) - Download


D4.2 Housing Location Models (PU) - Download


D4.3 Retail Location Models (PU) - Download


D4.4 Public Services Location Models (PU) - Download


D5.1 Enhanced Version of the Albatross Simulation Model (PU) - Download


D5.2 Enhanced Version of the SIMULACRA Simulation Model (PU) - Download


D5.3 Enhanced Version of the MARS Simulation Model (PU) - Download


D5.4 Enhanced Version of the MATSim Simulation Model (PU) - Download


D6.1 Visual Ecosystem Technical Specification and Design (PU) - Download


D6.2 Visualisation Tools for Simulation and Scenario Analysis (PU) - Download


D6.3 Visualisation Tools for Evidence-based Decision Support (PU) - Download


D7.1 Madrid Case Study Report (PU) - Download


D7.2 London Case Study Report (PU) - Download

D7.3 Rotterdam Case Study Report (PU) - Download


D7.4 Barcelona Case Study Report (PU) - Download

D7.5  Models and Tools Comparative Evaluation and Impact Assessment (PU) - Download


D8.1 First Dissemination Package (PU) - Download


D8.2 Second Dissemination Package (PU) - Download


D8.3 Third Dissemination Package (PU) - Download


D8.4 Exploitation Plan (CO)