News and events

October 7-8, 2013

INSIGHT kick-off meeting

The INSIGHT kick-off meeting took place on 7th-8th October 2013​ at the UPM-CeDInt facilities in Montegancedo, Madrid. Representatives of all the INSIGHT partners and the European Commission project officer gathered to review in detail the project work plan and the scientific/technical approach of the different activities.

November 25, 2013

INSIGHT presentation at the Barcelona City Council

On 25 November 2013, the INSIGHT project was presented together with City Protocol and other smart city initiatives of the City of Barcelona at a workshop organised by the Barcelona City Council and the EUNOIA project, with the participation of the Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, Antoni Vives, and other representatives from the City Council, as well representatives from the European Commission and several partners of the INSIGHT Consortium.

March 3, 2014

Series of conferences on 'The City of the Future'

During March 2014, in the frame of the Master in City Sciences, the Technical University of Madrid is organising a series of conferences on “The City of the Future”. Experts from academia, industry and government, including several members of the INSIGHT team, will provide an integrated view of the different disciplines related to urban development and will discuss the challenges faced by cities in the coming years. More information can be found here.

INSIGHT has established an External Experts Advisory Board, which will provide specific inputs and feedback on the project research activities. The Advisory Board is composed by eminent researchers and practitioners from the different communities relevant to the project (regional science, complex systems, ICT...). The members of the Advisory Board are: Gennady and Natalia Andrienko (Fraunhofer), Ajit Jaokar (Futuretext - Feynlabs / Oxford University), Alberto Leboreiro (Madrid Regional Government), Vittorio Loreto (Sapienza), Mercè de Miguel i Capdevila (City of Rotterdam), Gianluca Misuraca (European Commission JRC-IPTS), Peter Nijkamp (Vrije University), Denise Pumain (CNRS), and Michael Wegener (Spiekermann & Wegener).

INSIGHT External Experts Advisory Board

January 13, 2014

6-monthly Progress Meeting

April 10-11, 2014

On 25 September 2014, INSIGHT co-organised the satellite workshop 'CitiNet - Smart Cities, Complex System Science and Participatory Sensing' at the European Conference on Complex Systems 2014 in Lucca, Italy. The workshop was organised in collaboration with the FP7 project EUNOIA, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the BBVA Innovation Center.

CitiNet 2014 - Smart Cities, Complex Systems Science and Participatory Sensing

September 25, 2014

The first INSIGHT Progress Meeting was held at the IFISC facilities in Palma de Mallorca on 10-11 April 2014. The project is progressing well, with no significant issues identified so far. The first two scientific/technical work packages, WP2 'Challenges for European Urban Development and Governance' and WP3 'Data Integration and Analysis', were reviewed in detail, as well as the main communication and dissemination actions planned for the coming months.

The FET Unit has launched an online consultation to understand what the game-changing technologies of the next decades will be. The consultation targets scientists, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and members of civil society in general. A large feedback of the GSS community will be of the essence to ensure a possible follow-up call in 2017. Everybody is invited to contribute. The consultation is here.

FET Consultation on GSS

May 2, 2014

The global challenges of economic recovery, poverty eradication, environmental sustainability, climate change, or sustainable and secure energy, are all intimately linked to cities, which are simultaneously places where many of these global problems emerge and where solutions can be found. At the GSS Conference 2015 (Genoa, Italy, 28-30 October 2015), INSIGHT organised the session ‘Shaping the future of urban systems – towards a new science of cities’, with the purpose of exploring how data science and systems thinking can be put at work to tackle the challenges associated to urban development.

GSS Conference 2015: Shaping the future of urban systems – towards a new science of cities

October 30, 2015

June 1-5, 2015

UrbanNet 2015 at NetSci

On 1 June 2015, INSIGHT organised the UrbanNet satellite workshop at NetSci2015, held in Zaragoza, Spain, from 1 to 5 June 2015. Detailed information about the workshop programme and the call for papers can be found here.

September 20-21, 2016

OECD Workshop on Complexity and Policy

On 29-30 September INSIGHT participated in a session on Urbanisation and Complex Systems as part of an OECD Workshop on Complexity and Policy organised in the context of OECD initiative New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC). NAEC is a comprehensive organisation-wide reflection process to renew and strengthen the OECD’s analytical frameworks, policy instruments and tools. The webcast of the urbanisation session is available here.

July 20-21, 2016

INSIGHT Summer School: Models and Data for Urban Planning

On 20-21 July 2016, the Summer Course "Models and Data for Urban Planning" was organised by INSIGHT as part of the UPM Summer School in La Granja, Segovia, Spain. The course, nourished by the most relevant outcomes of INSIGHT, was structured around the main pillars of the project: urban analytics, urban modelling and simulation, visualisation and policy assessment. You can find some pictures of the event here.

September 21, 2016

On 21 September 2016, INSIGHT coorganised the UrbanNet satellite workshop at CCS 2016, which took place in Amsterdam from 19 to 22 September 2016. The workshop programme can be found here